We're creating a place for parents to thrive in the postpartum year.

Postpartum is a tough gig! Learning all the new things is easier with community. Don't go alone!

About The Postpartum Lounge

About The Postpartum Lounge

Why You Should Join Us

We know the early days of parenting are overwhelming, intense, and impossible to do on our own.  

Everyone is a beginner at parenting.  Even if you read all the books and took a class, you can only really learn it once your baby is here. 

Your brain and body go through intense changes in this season of life.

Matrescence and bodyfeeding are social activities and easiest done with company. 

Babies and postpartum bodies change every day.

Lactation support can be hard to access and schedule.

Once you're home, how are you going to figure out all the things? 

Did you know there is an easier way? 

We bring together new families to create habits that support connection, ease, and optimal brain development in babies and their parents. 

Join us to find a community of peers, folks doing what you're doing.  

Easy access to lactation support, advanced practice nurses, and midwives, education and support, weekly live zoom meetings with community members moderated by experts.

Together we will learn how to be in sync with our families and enjoy ease. 

Meet your bodyfeeding goals in this community of support. Wherever you find yourself in your parenting journey, you are welcome. No judgement. 

For the cost of one lactation consult, get 6 months ongoing access to your midwife hosts, experts in postpartum care, breastfeeding, and babies. 

Come find your people in

The Postpartum Lounge! 

Don't go alone! 

Have company as you navigate the ups and downs of the first year.

The Postpartum Lounge 

--->  is a judgement-free community for thinking parents.

---> is your go to place for bodyfeeding advice and support.

--->is a support group, and an educational platform.  

---> is hosted by postpartum specialists, midwives, nurses, lactation experts.

---> is an intimate safe space to support your postpartum journey.

---> gives you ongoing access to information and advice that is evidence based.

Weekly articles and monthly themes guide your exploration of the connections between brain development, postpartum transition, nutrition, physical and emotional health, sex, relationships, and pelvic floor recovery.  

You may be wondering how to:

  • Meet your breast/bodyfeed goals. 
  • Make sure you fully recover from your birth.
  • Start pumping.
  • Care for yourself and your baby. 
  • Prepare for return to work.
  • Build a strong immune system for you and your baby.
  • Build that baby's big brain.
  • Reconnect with your partner.
  • Heal your body.
  • Return to sex.
  • Get a break.
  • Calm your nervous system and stop doing all the things. 

ALL Postpartum folks need support.  

The Postpartum lounge is an easy access way to get answers and support. 

Don't go down the google rabbit hole.

Ask any question in the lounge. Receive clear personalized nuanced answers.  

Stay calm, connected, and focused on what matters, 

your recovery, and the care and feeding of your baby.

With the latest evidence, we will help you separate myth from fact. Get support as you make informed decisions that make sense for your family. 

Learn to tune in to your intuitive knowing and build practical skills for parenting.

  • Because postpartum is not just about breastfeeding.
  • Because postpartum is hard and we can help.

We look forward to welcoming you into our community. 

Founded by midwives, bringing evidence to fill the postpartum care gap

What people are saying

I love the weekly check ins, even if I can’t go every week. I like that I get real midwives answers to my questions.

- Nicole

This is what every mother says is missing in the postpartum experience.  - Annie

I think it’s great and an extremely important tool I feel grateful for.  - Jenna

I feel its well organized and beautifully displayed. I love the layout. - Beth

I love I can get answers to any of my questions in the lounge. I don't have to google things and get overwhelmed. I love getting what I need when I need it.  - Sophie

The non-judgemental information and support I get in the postpartum lounge is a life saver.   

 - Meghan

About Your Hosts

Sarah Sarah MSN, CNM, IBCLC 


Amy Tinney MSN, FNP-C, CPM, LM 

Combined experience of more than 50 years working with families, pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding in both hospital and community settings make these the Aunties who know all the stuff.  

Sarah and Amy are professional nurses, midwives, lactation experts, and mothers who are up to date on the latest research, carry a deep respect for traditional wisdom, and have a ton of lived experience. 

Amy and Sarah have supported thousands of families during pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding.  We continue to be amazed at how every person's experience is unique. Postpartum is hard no doubt! But easy access to experienced parents, midwives, nurses, and lactation experts makes everything easier!

Sarah and Amy personally host weekly community meetings and respond to your questions in the lounge. 


I plan to breastfeed my baby. Does the Postpartum Lounge replace my need for a lactation consultant? 

Breastfeeding will be easy for some and may be challenging for others depending on a number of factors. 

Most issues that come up are minor and do not need a lactation consultant. The postpartum lounge is designed to be just what you need. As challenges come up, you can post questions in the lounge and your hosts will answer them within 24 hours. Other parents bring a lot of wisdom to the conversation. You will learn a lot by reading through past conversations. 

If you have a more complicated breastfeeding situation, you may need a one on one lactation consult and you can reach out to set up a one on one meeting at a discounted rate for lounge members.  

Our premium membership includes an entire month of one on one lactation consultant support.  This is a perfect option for complicated cases or for anyone who just wants to be able to access us freely at any time. 

I already have a doctor/midwife. Why would I need The Postpartum Lounge?

Many important physical and emotional changes happen in the first 6 weeks of your baby’s life.  

Most health care providers only offer minimal care for postpartum patients. You will have a brief visit in the hospital and a 6-week postpartum visit. 

Your baby will be see your pediatrician in the first weeks of life, but your pediatrician is not a specialist to care for YOUR needs around postpartum physical recovery, breastfeeding, and emotional status. 

The Postpartum Care Company and the Postpartum Lounge is here to fill that gap in care. If you need increased care with the midwives from the Postpartum Care Company, we will work in collaboration with your other health care providers.

Does the Postpartum Care Company and The Postpartum Lounge replace my doctor? 

The Postpartum Care Company does not replace your doctor. Your OB doctor will want to see you for a brief visit at 4 or 6 weeks. This visit is generally to ensure your physical healing is complete and to prescribe birth control. Before the OB doctor postpartum visit, you would only be seen if you had a problem or a complication. If your Postpartum Care Company midwife/NP identifies a potential problem in your case, we will communicate with your doctor and will recommend you return to your doctor for a full evaluation.

Can I change my subscription to the Postpartum Care Company and The Postpartum Lounge? 

We want you to feel welcomed and attended to. If you are unhappy with your membership in the postpartum lounge at any point, please reach out to us. You can change your subscription at any time. If you are having trouble covering the cost and still would like to stay connected, please reach out to us to discuss scholarship options.

If I’m not breastfeeding why do I need Postpartum Care?

The Postpartum Lounge is for ALL new parents. Parents choose what makes sense for themselves and their families and we are here to support you finding your way into your intuitive knowing about what is right for you and your baby. If you are not breast/chest feeding, you can expect respectful evidence-based guidelines about how to care for yourself and your baby to achieve optimal health and connection to your baby. Conversations in the lounge cover all parenting topics, including feeding. 

I don’t identify as a mother, is this a place that will be safe for me? 

At The Postpartum Care Company, we recognize that not all birthing people are mothers and not all mothers are birthing people. We support all new parents regardless of your path to this point to get the support you need. Wherever you are on your parenting journey, there is a place for you here. The Postpartum Lounge is a structured private community. Kindness and grace is essential for everyone to feel supported. Criticism, judgement, blame, shame, hate will NOT be tolerated. Parenting is hard enough folks!

Anti-racism /Reproductive Justice

We stand in solidarity with the Reproductive Justice movement, created and lead by SisterSong. "Reproductive Justice is the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities." "Reproductive Justice ... focuses on the ends: better lives for women, healthier families, and sustainable communities." - Loretta Ross (https://www.law.berkeley.edu/php-programs/courses/fileDL.php?fID=4051

We are committed to anti-racism as an ongoing practice. We are engaged in lifelong learning in the ways that we see, think, and serve in our community.

We created The Postpartum Care Company to provide families easy access to practical knowledge and support so they can relax and enjoy their babies.  

We thank all of the midwives, nurses, and doctors who have taught and mentored us over the years.  We are indebted to the thousands of families who have trusted us with their care and to the babies who we hold so precious and perfect.  We see the light of the universe in your eyes.

Ongoing support for community focused organizations is part of our mission. Please feel free to inquire to continue the conversation. 

Sarah   [email protected]
Amy    [email protected]

Our Plans

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Monthly Plan $55/month

6 month plan $300 (10% savings) 

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